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Coming this week and later

So this week, we'll be posting the photoshoot and interview of our Muse of the season. Actually, each season will have a Muse and during 6 months her work is like in every real Fashion Line, she'll be representing the brand wherever she goes. A concept inspired by the Magazine CoverGirls, turned into our Fashion Line. Plus, we're revealing that the enigmatic page called "Where is Klaus?" is actually the page for the Muse photoshoot and interview, but you'll know why just when you'll see that.
Along with that, I'll be actually re-opening the "They Wore Klaus" page for everyone! Which means that you'll be able to be featured by clicking on the link called "Be a sponsor and get your doll wearing Klaus" in the sidebar.

Plus, the next collection of Victory & Klaus will be showed at MDM, TTT and USD at the end of this month and the beginning of the next one. As for the copyrights, we are not allowing to any other media to advertise or make a post about this new collection until it is officially released in the V&K blog here.
What will be showed at MDM, TTT and USD will be the lookbook of our next collection, but it's all to get your attention. It will be officially released, with the fake eshop updated, next year in February.

Thanks for your attention, keep your eyes open and get your doll wearing Klaus here.