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And a Happy New Year!

In few days we'll say goodbye to 2012, and welcome to 2013. The winter will continue, but a lot of things will change.
This is also the case for V&K. You surely got to see that it's not just a fashion line... and so many things will come in 2013.
First year of Victory & Klaus! January is the month when all started in 2012 and now here we are, one full year done. First collection, first issue of Klaus Paper. In January our new Muse will be revealed, in February you will be able to see the entire S/S 2013 collection and in April expect to see the second issue of Klaus Paper.

But to prepare that, we need some more staff. As for the Muse photoshoot, we need a photographer to make the background and the poses. And as for Klaus Paper, we need 1-2 writer(s) and 5 female models.
So if you wish to get into the V&K staff, here's your chance!

You must be a follower to apply!

Stardoll Username:
Full name (can be fake):
Graphic work:

Stardoll Username:
Full name (can be fake):
Write a small text about something in relation with fashion:

Stardoll Username:
Full name (can be fake):
Describe your style in few words:
Why V&K?:

Good luck to all of you!
And, I almost forget, enjoy:

Models: Alex Kumli (Andrej.pejic.), Luisa Gonçalves (Luh.Isa), Grabiel Lopes (Gabriel01234)


  1. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: mathildamath
    Full name (can be fake): Cathérine Cerise
    Experience?: featured in Haute, Rntm backstage, Miss magazine, Toxic, winner of rntm cycle 4, usd fashion survivor, ... just take a look at my portfolio
    Describe your style in few words: original, individual, versatile
    Why V&K?: V&K because it is really 'Vonderful' and 'Kreative', just love it :)
    Skype?: no

  2. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: smiling.jojoo
    Full name (can be fake): Johanna Marie
    Experience?: I'm part of sparklemodelmanagement and I' ll be featured in some magazines soon. But I have not many experience.
    Describe your style in few words: elegant, sometimes edgy, sometimes classy!
    Why V&K?: because V&K is just so creative and makes wonderful things and this is why I want to be a part of your amazing project!
    Skype?: no .

  3. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: Rei1981
    Full name (can be fake): Virginia
    Experience?: Enjoy Magazine
    Describe your style in few words: The way a I dress it depends on my mood. I like to be classy, and the clothes that I choose always have a little of black and white.
    I like to have different hairstyles. Hair shows character so, it is important to have the correct one for an outfit.
    Why V&K?: I thinks is an interesting project.
    Skype?: NO

    Stardoll Username: Mateotkd
    Full name (can be fake): Mateo, you can call me Mat
    Experience?: I work on Enjoy Stardoll (spanish blog) and I´m part of the captured team for underneath stardoll
    Write a small text about something in relation with fashion: some samples of my work:
    Skype?: actually, no.

  5. MODEL
    Stardoll Username:shancelle
    Full name (can be fake):Esther Kay
    Experience?:featuered in Haute and i have been feautered in Miss magazine and my modelling portfolio
    Describe your style in few words:unique ,versatile and edgy
    Why V&K?:Becuase it is amazing and a great project for me to boost my experience it is also the type of project i would be into ...

    Esther xxx

  6. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: Cheekycazbo1
    Full name (can be fake): Carrie Rose

    Experience?: I honestly dont have much, although i hope you still consider me. My portfolio is

    Describe your style in few words: Vintage, Original, Daring, Colourful and Creative

    Why V&K?: I have been a follower and reader of the blog for around a year, it has inspired me to create my own stardoll project (Miss Magazine), and now i would love to start modelling. I would be honoured to be featured on the blog and although i am a beginner i hope you give me a chance.

    Skype?: No, sorry..

  7. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: Jody_cailin
    Full name (can be fake): marie cailin
    Experience?: several magazines (strut, run, allure and more - most not published yet), 3rd place RNTM
    Describe your style in few words: sometimes edgy, romantic, rebell, vintage
    Why V&K?: I am following V&K for a long time now. and i think it would be great to be a part of this amazing piece of art you have created.
    Skype?: info about this - later

  8. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: danika_19
    Full name (can be fake): kylie tanya ross
    Experience?: ive been modeling for a year and i joined competitions like RNTM and mini comps...
    Describe your style in few words:
    edgy, playful, chic
    Why V&K?: i'd like to try something new and ive worked hard to be a model i think v&k is the place for me and if you give me the chance, it would be amazing to work with the v&k!
    Skype?: i'll make later..

  9. Model~

    User: LoveGossip4life
    Full Name: Lindsey Le'Vogue
    Experience: Check portfolio. Mainly consists of a covergirl photoshoot with HYPE (as you know ;)), model for Strut, Toxic, and PBE. As I am aware, I have some upcoming CG interviews for unnamed magazines.
    Describe your style in a few word: Edgy, Vibrant, "experimental"
    Why V&K: I love the brand, and it'd be an honor to be one of the many faces of this amazing project! Thanks for consideration Amanda ;)
    Skype: lindsey.stardoll (but you must know I hardly use it! Dollmail is a much faster way to contact me)

  10. MODEL

    Stardoll Username: ChuFu
    Full name: Kyo
    Experience: Check my portfolio (Tag "Modeling")
    Describe your style in few words: Art
    Why V&K: I really love to model a lot and V&K one of the chances to try something new^^
    Skype: chufu96 (Actually I'm not online, if you want to skype tell me in stardoll before)

  11. Stardoll Username:lovealwaystiara
    Full name (can be fake):gaby allan
    Experience?:i have beeen one of the few picked for season magazine
    Describe your style in few words:i am a girly , playfull and , sserious
    Why V&K?:ive know the website for a long time and i just fel mo comfterbale with it
    Skype?:i do not have any skype

    PS u may think im not a follower of the site but im a follower im lovealwaystiara

    portfolio -

  12. WRITER
    Stardoll Username:Bunny5738
    Full name (can be fake):Racel Farmer
    Experience?:I worked for LadyGagaMcQueens blog before and I have had my own blog called (I dont get on it anymore because I would rather work for a blog)
    Write a small text about something in relation with fashion:Fashion is not just something you design but it is also who you are

  13. WRITER

    Stardoll username: cherrygirlz
    Full Name(can be fake): Nib Malik
    Write a small text about something in relation with fashion: Fashion is creativity, life and uniqueness, in essence it's the one thing you can leave you mark on.
    Skype: No. I don't have it

  14. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: ApplePeachCandy
    Full name (can be fake): Bella Smoke
    Experience?: None! Sorry
    Describe your style in few words: I like vintage, alternative pop and different eras on the 1900s. I also love fur and exaggerated fashion, playing and blocking with colors while following trends.
    Why V&K?: I love your website so much! I think it is probably the most original stardoll magazine and there's so much to do on it. :)
    Skype?: No, sorry, but I have gmail. :)

  15. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: MandaMichalka
    Full name (can be fake): Manda
    Describe your style in few words: Street and High Fashion; love to get inspired by Lana Del Rey
    Why V&K?: I've always been interested in this project and I think it's just great! Everything that's coming out looks so professional and I enjoy reading the articles. V&K is amazing!
    Skype?: mandastardoll

  16. Graphic designer
    stardoll name:Missycass12
    Full name: Cass
    Graphic work:

  17. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: Maddie_fashion
    Full name (can be fake): Matilde Gouveia
    Experience?: face models model and once in a mag i can't remember the name
    Describe your style in few words: Street chic, unique and classic...
    Why V&K?: Because it seem to be a great oportunity to become a real model career xb
    Skype?: nope :/

  18. Stardoll Username:mintychan
    Full name (can be fake):Anastasia Tokmakov
    Graphic work:I'm rather new at this but here is my only and one picture based off
    Skype?:no sorry, I don't have a webcam. I do, however, have a microphone on my laptop.

  19. MODEL
    Stardoll Username: Amerie.LVutton
    Full name (can be fake): Amerie Elizabeth
    Experience?:Former model for Premier Model Agency.
    Describe your style in few words: Indie Chic
    Why V&K?: Avid reader, lover of fashion and currently looking for a new modeling agency to call home.
    Skype?: no.