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Hello everyone! It's August and our latest collection of Fall/Winter 2013-2014 has been released. I am really happy of it, as long as the Muse we chose, who is Eliza. With this season, a lot of things changed. In this post you will be refreshed of all the latest things you must know about Victory & Klaus.

It makes his big comeback. With already many followers, it is now intended to post daily and entertain all the readers by following the Klaus Family, all their schedule and all the events they could be involved in. Just for you, Klaus Gossips will create fake gossips, great stories, just for your entertainment! Follow by clicking here.

Unfortunately, I decided to keep only few models and keep them as permanent models. If there is still a chance for any other people to be a model we could make applications, but it will be very rare.

Our "header" changed a bit if you notice. Few things are actually spoilers of the next collection. But as for now you can listen to the V&K Vol.2 of our Favorite Music Ever by clicking here.

As long as the Eshop, firstly the prices changes to something you could buy (check why on the next paragraph).

And, we added these 2 graphics which are clickable images, so you can click on the right piece of clothe you want (it can be the outfit the model is wearing or just the text). See the Woman here and the Man here. The pieces of all the collections will appear so you will be able to choose the ones you want if you would like to...

The option is back in the blog. Though it can be closed by the times, it will all depends on when we are busy. But as for now it is open, you can see how it works by clicking here.

Of course, Klaus Paper will be back with its October issue... Somehow, a big V&K event could come in another blog even sooner, but when it will be the right time you will know about this. Hope to see there!

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