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The Team

Clément Tocci (klem1)

Fashion Line Staff:
Designers/Graphic Designers/Stylist: Clément Tocci (klem1)

Muse Photoshoot/Interview Staff:
Photographer: Clément Tocci (klem1)
Stylist/Beauty Artist: Amanda Lucy (LadyGaGaMcQueen)
Interviewer: Amanda Lucy (LadyGaGaMcQueen)

Klaus Paper Staff:
Editor in Chief/Writer/Interviewer/Graphic Designer: Amanda Lucy (LadyGaGaMcQueen)
Writers: Helen Spikova (_StarHelen_)
+Judge of Klaus Police: Kasey Noelle (Martusia_144)

Muse of F/W 2012-2013: Haley Renée (poohg_1993)
Muse of S/S 2013: Elle Rose (RockinEllee)
Muse of F/W 2013-2014: Eliza Spears (Wooldoor)
Fragrance Models: Mikaela Lawrence (iiDorkieDino), Enrique Mendez (curly675)
Klaus Models: 
Male Models: Simon (MisterSzymon), Gabriel Lopes (Gabriel01234), Enrique Mendez (curly675), Ondre Scott (Ondre)
Female Models: Luisa Gonçalves (Luh.Isa), Carrie Rose (Cheekycazbo1), Boris (ChuFu), Marie Cailin (Jody_cailin)